The below listed are some of useful site/blogs/forum’s which may help you in your daily routine work:-

This site is an official Microsoft site. It contains library, community, support and much more. They also have their own blog where user can post various articles and queries.

ASP.Net: (
The following is Microsoft portal site for the development community. It contains articles related to, sql server, silverlight and Ajax.  This site also provides you with the examples to work out by yourself. It is a very good site for beginners to learn about
This site has got their own community where you can post questions/queries related to and your queries will be answered. It is really good site to start with.

Code Project: (
This site contains articles almost on all languages weather it may be, asp, sql server, mysql and so on posted by various developers.
This site contains its own forum where you can post your question/queries and you can get reply for the same.

C Sharp corner: (
This site is similar to code project site. It contains various useful articles related to 2.0, 3.5, sqlserver, Ajax and so on.

sqlauthority: (
It is a very good blog for sql lovers. You can find various articles on sql.


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